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Open Access Journal

All the articles are published by AJHMR are Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles.

This means your published article is freely available to anyone in the world to read, download and print, directly from the journal website.

Low Publication Charges

AJHMR is an open access journal, with no subscription charges. The main Aim of AJHMR is to share the knowledge and produce quality research papers based on international standards.

To cover for open access publishing, we leavy on Article Publiction Charges. The manuscript publiction fee is very low and lower then other publishers.

Rigorous Peer Review

You can submit your manuscript through our websit by using online manuscript sumission system.

Each manuscrit submitted and published in AJHMR undergoes a thorough and rigorous peer review. This process eliminates subjective judgments and bias from decision making process.


Inviting articles for upcoming issue Volume 4, Issue 1.

Editotial Desk

This policy describes guidelines in the publication process of our journals. Specifically, AJHMR adopts and strive to adhere to the following standards and requirements:
COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics
ICMJE - International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
STM - International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers
WAME – World Association of Medical Editors

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The Asian Journal of Health and Medical Research is a quarterly peer-reviewed multidisciplinary medical publication.

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The Author should ascertain that the manuscript is sent to one journal at a time. Manuscript sent to other journal simultaneously with AJHMR will not be reviewed.

The manuscript should be original work of authors and correspondence author will act as guarantor.


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Add Value Services

AJHMR brings in added value services for those authors who require the substructure of their manuscript and it must be original work. The fee charged for this assistance will be informed to the author. Fore more details contact

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Why Choose Us

  • Prompt Service
  • Early decision
  • Edorium Guarantee
  • Fast online submission
  • Authoritative, constructive and fair peer review
  • Rapid publication and supportive author service
  • Worldwide visibility for your work
  • Multi article formats
  • No submission or handling fees

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About Us

Asian Journal of Health and Medical Research (AJHMR) is an open access, international peer reviewed and quarterly published journal. The journal was started to encourage the research in the field of medical and health sciences. AJHMR will welcome articles from the field of all medical specialities, as well as basci medical science. 

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